Premier Concerts and Manic Presents:


with Adamantis, Pulsifier, Entierro
Doors: 7:00 pm | Show: 8:00 pm
All Ages
Space Ballroom
Hamden, CT

General Admission Standing Room Only


When it comes to virtues such as endurance, unconditional commitment and a thoroughly down-to-earth attitude, Anvil are the measure of all things. Like few other metal acts, the band surrounding founding members Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow (vocals, guitars) and Robb Reiner (drums), plus bassist Chris Robertson have earned their laurels of blood, sweat and tears. Since their 2009 documentary film The Story Of Anvil, which reveals the unvarnished truth about the music industry, the world has been aware that the day-to-day life of most musicians doesn’t consist of MTV Awards, Grammy ceremonies, red carpets, champagne and caviar but mainly of energy-sapping tours de force with little sleep, junk food and meagre earnings.

Yet these difficult conditions have made Anvil what they are today: a band that stands solid as a rock in the turbulent waters of a musical genre that produces like no other music by fans for fans. So Robb Reiner refers with a sense of justified pride to Anvil’s latest release Legal At Last simply as “one more Anvil album”. Because quotes such as this show that the band has survived despite all adversities, losing none of its musical style or sense of reality. Kudlow, Reiner or Robertson would never use clichés such as “harder, faster, louder” or attempt to present their own accomplishments as superhuman feats. Robb Reiner is right: Legal At Last is simply an impressive new statement by a band that stands for the same values in 2020 as it did when it was first launched in autumn 1978.

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Pulsifier is a progressive rock band from southern Maine founded in 2023 by guitarist Christopher Skehan and lyricist/lead singer MeA, with bassist Patrick Ouellette, and drummer Jay Allen Grant. Pulsifier’s music is a raw and passionate style of progressive rock with a little edge at times, and a lean towards complexity; an eclectic mix of poetry and riffs, exploring the bounds of reality. The name "Pulsifier" is emblematic of the band recognizing that as musicians, they are a channel through which vibrations flow, transforming into something new to share. 

After listening to Pulsifier's debut album "Scars" you will know them intimately through songs that bleed with emotion, and hold nothing back. The provocative and introspective lyrics and unique sound reflect the bands diverse array of influences. Pulsifier aims to connect with fans on a deep level, in an immersible experience for audiences with performances that are both intensely visual as well as audial. Reach out and let them hear from you or come say hi at a show. This group loves to meet and vibe with others looking to connect through music! Check back for upcoming shows and tour dates!

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Entierro… a collective of Connecticut musicians that converged to form a modern Heavy Metal band that is focused on using the past to create something new, not just copying it. Four experienced players, using their love of heavy metal to make melodic, intelligent metal that isn't a gimmick or soulless nostalgia. Their sound is focused on heavy drum and bass interplay, twin guitars, harmonizing over visceral riffs with dynamic, multi-layered vocals. Clean singing makes way for gritty shouts, bellowing growls and soaring harmonies as the band seamlessly blends NWOBHM, Classic Heavy Metal, East Coast Hardcore, a bit of Thrash and a touch of Doom into captivating and surprisingly catchy songs.

Entierro has played extensively throughout the Northeast, surprising fans of all types of heavy genres with their energetic and precise live shows, and have released 3 EPs since 2014. Entierro also released their first full length Self Titled LP back in September 2018, which was subsequently given praise by The Hartford Courant as one of “2018’s top 20 albums by Connecticut musicians.” The band has been invited to play a number of metal festivals including the RPM Fest, The Power of the Steel Festival, as well as the Stormbringer Festival and have opened for such luminaries as Crowbar, Cloven Hoof and Haunt.

The band is poised to release their fifth collection of molten metal anthems, entitled The Gates of Hell, this year to continue pursuing their sonic vision. The songs were recorded in the Spring of 2023 under the experienced eye of renowned metal producer/engineer Nick Bellemore at Dexter’s Lab Studio in Milford, CT. This collection sees the band employing a more mature and focused songwriting style that incorporates a refined melodic sense that illustrates a growth from their previous efforts.

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