An Emmy-winning TV writer and a comedic actor, John Mulaney is perhaps best known as a standup comedian. Usually performing clean-cut and wearing a suit, his confident, deadpan delivery is at odds with his observational humor, which pokes fun at everyday absurdities as well as his own interests and often misplaced anxieties. After making his Comedy Central Records debut in 2009 with The Top Part, he built his reputation as a television writer, including writing for Saturday Night Live for four seasons beginning that same year. He topped the Billboard comedy chart in 2012 with the standup album New in Town before starring in his own sitcom, Mulaney (2014-2015). In 2018, he returned to SNL, but as host.

This event will be a phone-free experience. Use of phones will not be permitted in the performance space. Upon arrival at the venue, phones will be secured in individual Yondr pouches that will be opened at the end of the event. Guests maintain possession of their devices at all times, and can access them throughout the event only in designated Phone Use Areas within the venue. All devices will be re-secured in Yondr pouches before returning to the performance space. All pouches and equipment are routinely sanitized. The Yondr staff is trained and required to follow safety guidelines and hygiene protocols to practice social distancing, minimal contact and wear required personal protective equipment. Anyone seen using a device during the performance will be escorted out of the venue by security. We appreciate your cooperation in creating a phone-free experience.